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Click here to access Alterra’s forms web page. It contains files for associations to use at certain points throughout the collection process, such as form resolutions to record liens or commence foreclosure.


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Since it’s founding in 1989, the Tinnelly Law Group has been devoted entirely to the representation of California community associations, Homeowners Associations (“HOAs”) and condominium developments. The firm’s success is evidenced by its continual growth, its reputation for quality service, and its recognition by the community association industry as one of California’s most experienced general counsel firms. The firm works in close partnership with community association Boards of Directors to address their legal needs in the most effective and cost-efficient ways possible. Alterra’s ability to utilize the assistance of the firm benefits our clients tremendously.


California HOA
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FindHOALaw is a robust resource for legal information applicable to California condominium projects, homeowners associations, and common interest developments. Its substantial volume of content and thousands of internal links help users better understand the unique body of law governing HOAs in California.

HOA Lawyer Blog

HOA Lawyer Blog
Published by California HOA Attorneys, Tinnelly Law Group
The HOA Lawyer Blog in continuously updated with mini-articles on an array of community association topics, industry news and recent case law. It is a great resource for homeowners, community association Board Members and industry professionals.

Industry Links

Cai-logoCommunity Associations Institute (CAI)
Community Associations Institute (CAI), an international organization dedicated to building better communities, provides education and resources to community association homeowner leaders, professional managers, association management companies and other businesses and professionals who provide products and services to community associations. CAI’s mission is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenship—ideals reflected in communities that are preferred places to call home.

cai-clacCAI California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC)
The California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) is a volunteer committee of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) consisting of homeowners and professionals serving HOAs. It is the largest advocacy organization in America dedicated to monitoring legislation, educating elected state lawmakers, and protecting the interests of those living in homeowners associations in California. CLAC is one of the leading sources of information and news about what is going on in Sacramento and how the organization is working with the state legislative bodies on behalf of the 45,000 homeowners associations throughout the state.

cai-clacCalifornia Association of Community Managers (CACM)
From its inception in 1991, the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) was developed by seasoned manager practitioners to provide community managers with necessary tools to gain professionalism and heighten industry standards for the benefit of the profession. CACM has advocated for and stayed abreast of growing legislative and management challenges to meet the professional education needs of the ever-changing CID management industry.