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Frequently Asked Questions

How competitive are Alterra’s fees and collection costs?
Our goal is to become your association’s trusted collection partner and we are proud to provide one of the most competitive fee schedules in the industry.  We understand that compounding a delinquency with inflated collection fees and costs can itself serve as an impediment to the efficient resolution of the matter. Our pricing is structured reasonably in order to avoid this situation and we provide many ancillary services, such as client meetings, completely free of charge.

Additionally, clients with files that convert into judicial foreclosure actions and/or lawsuits for money damages benefit from the services of a Tinnelly law Group, PC attorney billed according to a pre-determined, set fee schedule. Your association can have the confidence of premium service with predictable pricing regardless of what collection method is ultimately employed.

Will our Board or Manager have access to status reports?
Of course. We want our clients and their management to be able to track the status of their pending collection files to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our robust client portal, AlterraONLINE, provides 24/7 real-time status reports and related information regarding an association’s pending collection files. Reports are highly customizable and can be configured to be automatically generated and sent to our clients whenever they desire.
Will Alterra attend Board meetings to discuss our pending collection files?
Yes. We understand how overwhelming and frustrating the collection process can be. We provide tele/video conference meetings free of charge to discuss an association’s pending collection files, as well as physical meetings depending on availability. We value each of our relationships with our clients and we are committed to providing them with the best service possible.
Does Alterra treat every delinquency the same (e.g., utilizing one standard collection method)?
No. We are aware of the problems faced by an association when its collection firm or company treats every delinquency the same regardless of the unique circumstances of the homeowner and/or the property. Our process is built specifically to avoid those problems and to prevent any wasted time or expense in securing recovery. Each file is evaluated at key stages of our process and the status of each property is constantly monitored to ensure the appropriate collection method is being employed.

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