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New File Submission

New File Submission

Existing clients may use this page to submit new files to Alterra. You may either download and complete the New File Submission Form, or use the Web form below.

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Regular Assessment Delinquency Information

Date Regular Assessments first became delinquent and have remained unpaid since:
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Day of the month that Regular Assessments are due:

Regular Assessment Amount (per month):

Total Delinquent Assessments:

Total Late Charges:

Total Interest Due:

Special Assessment(s) Delinquency Information

Date Special Assessment #1 first became delinquent and has remained unpaid since:
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Special Assessment #1 Amount:

Date Special Assessment #2 first became delinquent and has remained unpaid since:
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Special Assessment #2 Amount:

Total Sum of Special Assessments Amounts:

Total Sum of Special Assessment Late Charges:

Total Sum of Special Assessment Interest Due:

Were any of the Special Assessments above levied as a fine, a reimbursement assessment, or an assessment not levied on all homeowners?
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Association's Monthly Late Charge:
The statutory default is ten dollars ($10), subject to the CC&Rs. Alternatively, the statutory default is ten percent (10%) of the delinquent assessment, if greater, subject to the CC&Rs.
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Monthly late charge is payable after the assessment is delinquent for the following number of days:
Statutory default is fifteen (15) days, subject to the CC&Rs.

Delinquency Interest Rate:
Statutory default is twelve percent (12%), subject to the CC&Rs.

Collection Costs to Date:
Total costs incurred by the Association's managing agent with regard to collecting the above amounts

Required Documentation
Alterra needs the following: (1) Account Ledger, (2) Association Collection Policy, (3) Recorded CC&Rs, and (4) any Board Resolutions to record lien or commence foreclosure (when applicable).

Account Ledger:

Collection Policy:
 Association does not have one Alterra has a copy

Recorded CC&Rs:
 Alterra has a copy

Board Resolution to Lien/Foreclose:
For Alterra's Form Resolutions, click here.

Additional Information for Alterra with regard to this file:

Alterra will open the file upon receipt of all necessary information required in this form. Please note that collection actions cannot proceed until Alterra is in receipt of all required documents referenced above.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are authorized by the Association's Board of Directors to direct Alterra to commence collection actions on this account pursuant to the terms and conditions of the written agreement entered into by the Association and Alterra.

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