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Attorney-Supervised, Effective and Efficient

Alterra was founded by the principals of Tinnelly Law Group, PC—one of California’s premiere community association law firms. The firm sought to expand its service offering in response to the frustrations of its clients in dealing with the challenging environment of assessment collection. Those clients welcomed the opportunity to work with a team of attorneys and collection professionals who shared the firm’s commitment to quality, responsive and efficient service.

Alterra was developed from the ground up with the input from dozens of community association Board members, management and collection professionals throughout the state. Our collection process, approach, and systems have been thoughtfully tailored to resolve assessment delinquencies efficiently and in a manner which best serves the interests of our clients and their members.

Alterra is keenly aware of the financial toll that assessment delinquencies can take on a community, as well as the frustration and worry that is associated with assessment collection. We are eager to secure recovery for your association with a level of service and efficiency that is second to none.

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